Blogger forced to apologize after court rules in favour of Archer

The Grand Court of the Cayman Islands has ordered a blogger to remove a post from an online forum which made allegations against the former Minister of Finance Marco Archer.

The online forum’s administrator, Sandra Hill, formerly Sandra Catron, has since issued a public apology to  Archer, which she posted on her online forum.

“It was never this publication’s intent to defame him in any way. We were simply keep to highlight a story that presented numerous facts that made us concerned about how stamp duty abatement applications are handled, “said Hill in a post on the forum’s website.

Loop News has reached out to Archer on social media platform, Facebook, for a comment on the court’s decision, however, no response has been forthcoming.

Archer last posted on his Facebook page on August 24, where he not only denied any wrongdoing but also said that he would be responding to the allegations levelled against him with legal action.

“I am being accused of abusing my power as the Commissioner of Stamp Duty during my tenure as the Minister for Finance,” said Archer in Facebook post on August 24.

“These allegations are completely false and unfounded and I have instructed my attorneys to take legal action against those responsible for this malicious act. I or my attorneys will make a further statement in due course,” added Archer on Facebook.

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