9-year-old dies after attempting Tik Tok challenge

| 28th January 2021 | 0 Comments
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(Trigger warning: This article contains details of a sensitive nature. Information includes the death of a child by accidental suicide.)

A Nine Year Old Boy from Trinidad and Tobago has passed away after attempting a viral Tik Tok ‘Blackout’ challenge.

The boy was found dead around 5:08pm on Monday in the bathroom of the guest bedroom of his home.

The Boy was at home with his grandmother and a 13 year old cousin. His relatives went searching for him but didn’t find him until 3 hours later.

He was found with a belt around his neck, with his phone near by.

Police were told that the boy was trying to partake in the “Blackout challenge” on Tik Tok, by putting a belt around his neck and holding his breath while recording himself on his phone.

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