Sabrina Turner makes her mark in Prospect.

| 28th January 2021 | 0 Comments
Sabrina Turner making her case to Prospect voters.

Sabrina Turner (I-Prospect) has started her campaign with a bang on Thursday evening. Sabrina hosted a rally with around 150 people in attendance.

Dancer Cassidy Davis Quintero, performing a local dance.

Sabrina received several endorsements this evening, including Mr Rickman (Deputy Chair of Prospect Red Bay Group), Dianna Lookjoy, Ms. Reid and Ms Arch.

Sabrina brought up several issues pressing the prospect community, including lack j of female leadership, police relations, covid-19 and affordable housing. Sabrina brought up her stellar career as a nurse, and as a self employed business women.

We currently believe that her opponents will be Austin Harris and Micheal Myles.

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