Pearlina McGaw-Lumsden announces candidacy for George Town West.

| 1st February 2021 | 1 Comment
(Photo provided by Pearlina McGaw Lumsden)

Former CDP Candidate Pearlina McGaw-Lumsden has announced her candidacy for George Town West on Monday.

McGaw-Lumsden is embarking on her third campaign, twice unsuccessfully with the UDP/CDP. This election cycle she has opted to run as an independent against incumbent David Wight and Kenrick Webster.

“All my life I have been surrounded by displays of unselfish acts which aim to make individuals,
our community, and our country better. For decades, I have given back generously to benefit as
many people as I possibly can,” said McGaw-Lumsden. “I’m vying for the opportunity to
represent the people of George Town West and the Cayman Islands solely for the purpose of
serving and helping to rebuild and shape our country during one of the most critical junctures in
our history.”

Pearlina McGaw-Lumsden in a press release.

Over the course of her career, McGaw-Lumsden worked in the financial services industry and
also as a lecturer at the International College of the Cayman Islands for Business Law and
General Principles of Law. She has also served as a board member for the Health Services
Authority, National Roads Authority, Information and Communications Technology Authority,
Education Council – Scholarship Secretariat, Water Authority Cayman, and the Immigration
Appeals Tribunal.

Over the coming months, McGaw-Lumsden will share her perspectives on the most pressing
issues facing the Cayman Islands and its people at present including:

  • Housing and Cost of living
  • Employment opportunities and Unemployment
  • Education and Vocational training

You can contact Pearlina at, or at 925 6151

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    She lost 4 times.

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