Justin Ebanks to challenge Miller in North Side.

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Justin Ebanks

(Press release): Justin Ebanks says that the theme ‘Cayman’s future matters’ is his driving force as he seeks the support of the people of North Side and engages in conversations with them to earn their trust and become their elected representative in the upcoming general elections. He says it will serve as his campaign slogan “to champion the people to capture the urgent issues at the district and national level so that together we can provide solutions to serve our children and the generations to follow”.

The fact that the elected members of Parliament have no term limits can lead to self or party interests over people and it is time for them to be voted out and replaced with candidates who not only have integrity, but the vision, energy and skills to work together for the people. On today’s global stage, what is leadership without cooperation?

Sustainable development and housing:

Last year’s brush with two tropical systems and the flooding that followed was a reminder of the vulnerabilities that exist in these islands. It also highlighted that lower income communities experienced more devastation due to improper planning and/or lack of financial resources to mitigate flooding risks and damage to homes and businesses.

We read how large corporate developments violate environmental regulations, subsequently gain planning permission after the fact and simply pay a fine. We must provide better oversight, protect our environment and not allow a short-term financial gain at the expense of future generations.

While we witness the explosion of developments and can say that it is creating jobs, we also need to ask “Who are we developing for?”

We also read that for the past several years there is a housing crisis for lower to middle income families. Government recently announced that the deficit at year end was less than expected due to stamp duty revenue from real estate sales. The majority of these properties were purchased by foreign nationals and corporations. This has increased the price of property and led to land scarcity adding to the housing crisis in the Cayman Islands.

What we build today needs to work for both present and future generations. With limited resources and mounting needs, it is crucial that development yields long-term development gains for all.

We need to build a better future for our communities. The time to plan this is now or never.

Inequality of incomes and education:

Ebanks says, “The most important focal point of my campaign will be to address how the income disparity has grown and the direct correlation to the failings of our current education system. The government has created a class system that prevents poorer people from investing in their education and provides opportunities to the rich.”

Foreign work permit holders are compelled to send their children to private schools and this forms a part of their benefit package upon hiring. These same permit holders end up being deemed essential employees and are afforded residency with rights to work and status. Their children can go on to tertiary education as funding is not a problem. While government grants scholarships, tuition expenses have risen and our children can’t afford to finance any shortfall and often times can’t qualify for a loan.

This segregation has also created social groups that link incomes. This in turn can impact job opportunities as the wealthier can use their social networks to exclude others from economic opportunities. We have all heard the saying “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” This saying holds true in the political arena as well. Justin Ebanks will be accountable to the people, will promote policies to provide opportunities for all social/income levels, and will ensure that our Caymanian children receive the best possible education to compete on a global platform.

Covid-19 also revealed this vulnerability and Caymanians have faced job loss, closed businesses and now the threat of losing their homes. They have been told to pivot to other jobs, however, many don’t have the education or skills to improve their employability. The introduction of trade schools is critical as it offers personal fulfillment, higher salary potential, and job stability. We talk about diversifying products to increase profitability in a business. The same can apply to training our people to learn multiple skill-sets, creating more personal income.

The issues outlined above do not cover all of the important national issues that will need discussion and addressing during the short campaign period.

Justin Ebanks is no stranger to the campaign trail and the people of North Side. He will be going door to door to listen to the constituents’ concerns and views on how Cayman’s Future Matters to them.

“The ear of the leader must ring with the voices of the people” – Woodrow Wilson.

Ebanks says, “I believe that the people of North Side will be better served with a candidate that is willing to work alongside all members of Parliament for our country. I believe that the district of North Side has been neglected due to a lack of cooperation. I pledge to represent you with honesty, integrity, and if elected, I will act in the best interest of the people.”

You can contact Justin via phone at 916-4836 or send him an email at ebanksjc@gmail.com. He would be happy to hear from you to work on solutions together.

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