Tara Rivers’s retirement from politics rumored.

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Minister Tara Rivers MP.

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Rumors recently circulated that WB South representative and Minister of Finance Tara Rivers will not be seeking reelection. The rumor were originally shared by Cayman Marl Road, but no official parties have confirmed these rumors.

Some other rumors relating to her reluctance to run for reelection have stemmed from the apparent disappointment in the Financial industry about the February 2020 European union backlisting of the Cayman Islands.

Rivers allegedly has devised a plan to retire from politics, and move to a leading Cayman Islands Law Firm.

Her political carrier flourished when she was elected as the first women representative in West Bay in over 20 years, she later found greater success in becoming the first female Minister for Education. Serving both terms as government ministers she apparently disappointed many supporters as minister for education and labor, this was because of her inefficiencies including her passing of the $6 an hour minimum wage.

In a perplexing twist, they were not prepared to allow newcomer Raul Nicholson Coe, to go unchallenged by anyone, this is where Andre Ebanks steps into the limelight. Recent rumors have surged that Andre was considering entering the political area for a number of weeks his apparent resignation was tailored this weekend.

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