Minister Seymour signs off public cash to fix constituents roof.

| 23rd February 2021 | 5 Comments
The Minister is being accused of ‘”vote buying.”

The Minister of Health Dwayne Seymour has personally signed off a $5,000 payment for home repairs for a registered voter who lives in his constituency of Bodden Town East. The letter was originally leaked to Cayman News Service. Caymanians can apply for assistance, but through an application process with the Needs Assessment Unit.

In this case, it is apparent that Minister Seymour is using transfer payments from his own ministry to cover the costs of a constituent and a potential voter. Real Cayman News has also learned that the owner of the construction company also lives in Bodden Town East.

This has many questioning if this is an example of vote-buying. Several politicians in The Cayman Islands have been accused of this, whether it’s buying bikes or laptops, or kitchen appliances as mentioned in this CNS Viewpoint. This also means if approved, should come from the community affairs ministry’s budget, which is not Dwayne Seymour’s ministry.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    if he used his own money that would be bad however, using the peoples money is even worse.. This is blatant vote buying and Dwayne should just step down now as Cayman does not need this type of scandal…

  2. Potential Politician says:

    The man is a genius. Everyone else does it under the table. He puts it on ministerial letterhead when there is absolutely no need to do that. That’s on par with Mac sending the Stan Thomas letter from his office fax

  3. Boba Tea Man says:

    All third world places do this. This is the fall back when education has failed


    The women who owned the homes herself is a landlord, making money. SHAME ON YOU MINISTER SEYMOUR. AS A BTE WOMEN MYSELF,YOU DONT GET MY VOTE! GO OSSIE!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like vote buying to me. Shouldn’t be allowed!

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