Aster hospital to be built in West Bay.

| 24th February 2021 | 3 Comments

A new hospital is expected to be built in West Bay if approved. If the project goes ahead, Aster Healthcare will be the 5th hospital in the Cayman Islands and the third “medical tourism” facility. The hospital is being named “Aster Cayman Med City.” The land being used was sold to Aster by Dart, located along the Esterley Tibbetts Highway between Jackson’s Pond and Batabano Road.

At a press conference Tuesday, Gene Thompson, the developer behind the project, that a planned area development as already been submitted to planning because in addition to the multi-service, 150-bed hospital. The phased project will also include an assisted living facility and a medical university.

The project is said to be worth $350 million if the full facility is completed. The first phase will be the specialist hospital, which will cater to local patients, as well as medical tourists. The project also includes a clinic on Cayman Brac, to cater to patients on the Sister Islands.

This will help the Cayman Islands become the Mecca for healthcare tourism. with my environment hat on, I am always pleased to see a development seeking to reduce the use of cars.

Minister Dwayne Seymour MP.

Premier Alden McLaughlin said that said the hospital will provide services that do not exist here yet. He also mentioned that the teaching hospital will provide Caymanians with a career path in medicine, and other jobs during construction and administration.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    some cheek to repeat the same nonsense that was used for health city many years back….a project full of empty promises….some lessons are never learnt.
    pity we can’t say what the real purpose for these investment schemes is….

  2. ppm+cdp=the same thing says:

    It’s great to see this happening. Maybe now instead of the current substandard medical school, we’ll get a very highly rated one and locals that want to become Doctors will get the opportunity to do so.
    As for the current MS, the foreign owners who make millions a year and put nothing back into the island, don’t commit to their obligations giving scholarships to locals will close.
    As for the MS housing, that should be looked at as well, from what I’ve heard, they do daily, monthly rentals to private individuals and don’t pay any sort of hotel tax.
    In fact I know serveral persons that have quarantined there (cash only).

    Back to Gene, good for you sir and congrats.

  3. 5thgencaymanman says:

    Nope they will grant 50% of them status then say it’s 75% Caymanians working there and then their children will attend the Medical University as the “Caymanians”.

    Only in Cayman…

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