RCN EDITORIAL: The cruel reality of a Caribbean Island.

| 24th February 2021 | 3 Comments
Litter on a beach (Eco Chic Cayman)

Sent in by ‘Anonymous point of view.’

It’s Monday morning and I am walking on the beach, like usual. I love listening to the waves, enjoying the freedom of an outdoor exercise with a phenomenal view. Then, I look around, it is kind of shocking. I see a pure lack of education. Three miles thinking and trying to understand the reason for so many plastic bags, beer and wine bottles, plastic cups, straws, so many cans, disposable plates, cutlery, juice boxes, pizza boxes, and wow… even a fire extinguisher (!!!). To be honest with you, I don’t know what is happening in Grand Cayman. This island is dirty like never before. 

Due to the Covid pandemic, “we have no tourists around, no visitors”. Currently, we have many preconditions to reopen the borders, some (re)plans announced by this Government over a year, however, we are still locked, business impacted, people unemployed. We went from March 2021 to April, and we are already going from April to “early May”. It’s like a suspense movie.  So, if we are “protected”, why can’t we do our own homework? This population needs environmental education. Massive education program. If an education program does not work, apply tickets. Monitor, install cameras if that’s the case. That’s how it works in developed countries. We can’t welcome tourists when Seven Mile Beach (for example) is dirty. Such a small place should be an example to the world! And, believe me Cayman, besides beautiful pictures from the beach, people also talk about the list of problems this specific Caribbean Island has – from the price of one single avocado to the case involving the Mr. Speaker. 

Additionally, are you not worried at all about the impacts of mismanaged garbage? You can’t expect people to follow selective garbage collection when we have an open DUMP. Can you tell us why over the six past administrations this topic has been postponed? Isn’t it a problem worth solving? Clearly, it is not a money problem. Plus, a new hurricane-like IVAN can soon happen again, maybe worse – who knows. No lessons learned from that catastrophic episode? 

If you have your own programs to eventually clean this island, I am telling you, it is not enough. You can’t depend on volunteer work to fix the root cause. I see the local media talking about new hospitals, new hotels, new developments, gay marriage, vaccination and quarantine breaches, election, stingrays, coral disease, and that’s fine, it is part of your agenda to discuss and achieve agreements, attract investors and wealthy people.  But if you open the channel and listen to your voters, you will understand how not satisfied we are. We soon have a new election, and I am already seeing some pictures in social media posts from candidates collecting garbage with a big smile. How contradictory is this? We clean the beach only to catch some votes? 

Cayman Islands Government, Dart, Department of Environment, Health Minister, Caymanians, and Work-Permit holders: it is time to change your mentality and lead by example. We need conscientious authorities and ecologically responsible people! We need a real plan, with an execution update and a reasonable timeline. When can we get it? When can we see it?

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John Fleming is the founder and General Manager of Real Cayman News. He started Real Cayman News in December 2020 and covered the Skylar Mack trial and the 2021 Election. He used to contribute regularly to the Daily Caller and is an independent Marketer.

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  1. Beapartofthesolution says:

    So. If you take the tome to pick up the garbage you will see that the majority of it comes from elsewhere. I always find products we dont import, plastics that are not American plastics (pastel colours and different texture, writings on them in french and Spanish. The majority of Caymanian people do NOT leave garbage around. Yes there is garbage after event and Easter camping etc. That needs to NOT happen. But the majority of the garbage is floating in from other countries or boats. So lets be clear about that.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Beapartofthesolution, you are not correct. most of garbage is corona beer bottle, wine bottle, plastic cup from hotel in seven mile beach, juice box, Burger King cap, domino’s pizza. I am sure these items do not coming from boats.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have some friends that visited Cayman in 2018 and 2019 and they are not interested in going back for a new vacation season. According to them, a very expensive place and it is not worth the title of paradise. Sad.

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