CONFIRMED: Tara Rivers to not run for re-election.

| 25th February 2021 | 2 Comments
Minister Tara Rivers addressing the press. (COMPASS MEDIA)

Financial Services and Home Affairs Minister Tara Rivers, the representative of West Bay South, has confirmed that she does not intend to run for office in the April general election. This rumor circulated on Cayman Marl Road last week, which we subsequently covered here as a rumor.

Rivers, who was an independent, was first elected in 2013, in the district of West Bay. She won re-election in 2017.s, She served in both administrations, as Minister for Education and the Minister of Financial Services and Home Affairs.

In a live-streamed social media press conference, she said that she had no intentions of being a career politician, but wanted to serve her community. She declined to say what her next move will be, including whether or not she was joining Walkers Law firm or taking up the government position in London.

The race now in West Bay South is between former Digicel CEO Raul-Nicholson Coe and former Cayman representative to the United Kingdom Andre Ebanks. The Premier did not mention if Andre Ebanks would be joining the progressives coalition as an independent. The Premier also mentioned that the PPM has been talking to several people about running on the coalition platform.

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  1. Shelby C. says:

    Tara Rivers will get a nice job making a lot of money,plus pension. She will be ok

  2. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if she voted for the $30K redundancy payment?

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