Johann challenges Joey in George Town North.

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(Press release); Local businessman Johann Moxam announced today that he intends to stand as an independent candidate in the upcoming April election for the constituency of George Town North. He said, “Cayman is at a crossroads. The choices we make in the upcoming election will chart the course of our future for the next decade.

“I am putting myself forward as a candidate to help create a better Cayman for all, one that reflects the diversity of our community; a Cayman guided by the values of honesty, integrity, accountability, transparency, equal opportunities and respect for all Caymanians.”

Moxam explained that in his view the status quo and the current administration work primarily for a select few while most Caymanians live with real consequences of the expensive mistakes and the inconsistent decisions of a Government that has lost connection with the majority.

Moxam believes that the divide between the have and have nots continues to grow. He said the existing Government policies are unsustainable, including the race to a population of 100,000, which he believes will only serve to exacerbate the social issues and inequality. As a result, there is growing frustration and despair amongst working class families, young Caymanians and those not part of the political elite.

Moxam promised to share his concerns and proposed solutions to the most pressing issues during the course of the campaign. “The time for excuses and rewarding incompetence is over. The time for malicious, spiteful politics and lies is over; it’s over for cronyism, conflicts of interest and rewarding systemic corruption. It’s time for elected leaders to be champions of the truth, accountability and transparency. I am ready to do my part in front line politics because Cayman deserves better,” he added.

Moxam challenged all voters, especially those in George Town North, to carefully examine the track record of each candidate and to elect the best candidate to become their MP.

“George Town North deserves leadership which can be trusted to do the right thing, to represent the views of the majority of the constituency and not merely represent the interests of friends, families and financiers of election campaigns,” he added.

“We must raise the standards for leadership, as citizens we have to raise our expectations of leadership. Cayman Deserves Better,” he concluded.

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