RCN Editorial: Real Cayman News is becoming a serious competitor in media.

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Sent in by: Real Cayman News General Manager.

Real Cayman News was started in December 2020, as a small social media-based media house. The goal was to cover local, regional and international news. We would cover stories on our Instagram and Twitter pages. Our page blew up when we attended the Skylar Mack trial, triggering news organizations in the United States to use our video, for their individual websites. We were gaining followers on Instagram naturally from that point.

In January, We new that if we were to be taken seriously (and more importantly, monetize) we would have to start a website. We then launched http://www.realcaymannews.com. We had no idea what we were doing, and our first website was a bit…basic.

Screenshot from our first website.

We then made the decision to hire a professional website developer, who gave the site a complete makeover, plus taught us about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and other important marketing tools. We continued our growth, finding sponsors and advertisers, so we could fund the website.

Our website currently gets around 500+ views a day. We have a combined total of 600+ social media followers and are constantly growing.

Today, we are launching our 3-year plan. At the end of the three years, we hope to have 11k combined followers on social media, as well as 2500+ viewers daily on our website. This plan may be ambitious, but we believe we can reach those goals in time for 2024. We hope to have 2 full-time members of staff and to have an established nightly news broadcast, streamed online.

I hope you stick around, and be apart of the Real Cayman News journey.

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John Fleming is the founder and General Manager of Real Cayman News. He started Real Cayman News in December 2020 and covered the Skylar Mack trial and the 2021 Election. He used to contribute regularly to the Daily Caller and is an independent Marketer.

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