Sammy Jackson holds a successful meeting in Red Bay.

| 12th March 2021 | 1 Comment
Sammy speaking at the Sailing Club. (REAL CAYMAN NEWS LTD)

Independent candidate for Red Bay, Samuel “Sammy” Jackson, held a successful meeting on Friday evening, at the sailing club.

Sammy got endorsements from Independent candidate for George Town East, Emily DeCou, and CPR member Shirley Roulstone. Independent MP Chris Sauders was in attendance. Independent candidate for George Town North, Johann Moxam, acted as the MC for the event.

Independent Johann Moxam acting as the MC. Emily DeCou also seen in picture, endorsed Sammy. (REAL CAYMAN NEWS LTD)

He spoke about the most pressing issue facing his district, which are the roads. He proposed several solutions to fix the public transport, which would help the congestion in Red Bay.

Sammy pressed a number of issues, including the exclusion of special needs children, and the reforms needed in educating special needed youth. He also talked about the segregation of students in public and private schools, highlighting income inequality in the Cayman Islands.

Sammy also spoke about raising the national minimum wage, to $10 an hour, an increase of $4. He mentioned the potential caveats, such as an increase in prices.

The meeting had around 60 attendees, and were lively and listened attentively to what the speakers had to say.

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