Premier McLaughlin responds to allegations made by Davenport.

| 17th March 2021 | 1 Comment
Photo taken from Compass Media.

GRAND CAYMAN, Cayman Islands – With regard to the statement issued last night by Davenport Development Ltd regarding the proposed local access road through Grand Harbour to Red Bay Estates and Admiral Landing I wish to make the following points.

I simply reported what I understood from the briefing I received from the ministry responsible.  I was not in any of the meetings.  If I was mistaken in naming Davenport, then I apologize.  But I have rechecked and have again been advised that the Grand Harbour developer is as keen as government is to find a solution to the traffic congestion in the Red Bay area for which we are all grateful. The ministry staff is working on finalizing the terms of the agreement before the roadway is gazetted. 

I am also advised that the approval of Davenport is NOT required as they do not own the property or the Grand Harbour road.  Despite their objections which are disappointing, I do believe that this local access road will only enhance Davenport’s ability to sell its units. Their development will disgorge dozens more vehicles onto an already severely overtaxed Red Bay road system. When they started the development they would have been aware of the issue and that the development would make traffic matters worse. 

In any event, it is the government’s responsibility to find solutions to alleviate the traffic congestion and improve the quality of life of Red Bay and Prospect residents and indeed all those who live east of Grand Harbour.  The government has been patiently working to resolve this issue for some years now. 

As the representative of Red Bay and Premier I am out of patience.  We must resolve this issue now.”

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