Officer Assaulted During Call for Service:

| 31st March 2021 | 1 Comment

Officers responded to a call for service on Eastern Avenue near Godfrey Nixon Way. Upon the officers’ arrival, they saw and spoke with a woman who appeared to be in distress. The officers took her into the police vehicle to be transported to the Cayman Islands Hospital. 

While on route to the hospital the woman became agitated and aggressive and was able to breach the divider in the vehicle and assault one of the officers. The officers pulled the vehicle over in the vicinity of the CNB roundabout, and other units attended to assist in restraining the woman. Emergency Services also attended the location, and the woman was transported to the Cayman Islands Hospital via ambulance. 

One of the police officers also attended the Cayman Islands Hospital, was treated for minor injuries, and released. No one else was injured during the incident.

The matter is currently under investigation. 

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  1. End Lockdowns Now!! says:

    No jobs, no money, no patience, no mercy. While this is wrong by all account, this is what happens… people snap!

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