RCN Editorial: Our Commitment To Cayman.

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Candidate for George Town North, Joseph Hew.

Sent in by: Joseph Hew – Deputy Leader, The Progressives, Candidate for George Town North.

“Government is about creating opportunity, supporting those in need and protecting the vulnerable.”

The Progressives believe that the benefits of a prosperous and robust economy should flow to all Caymanians and Residents.  That is why over the last eight years, both Progressives-led Governments, working with our Independent partners, set about making sure that we maximize the opportunities available to our people and that we give Caymanians the support they need to succeed.

We have raised standards in our schools through the introduction of a new curriculum.  We have cut the costs for small businesses and increased the support available to help them succeed.  We created thousands of new job opportunities and cut Caymanian unemployment by half.  

At the same time, we have doubled the stipends to veterans, seafarers, and those in need of welfare assistance. We are building a long-term mental health facility that will provide care for people with mental illness here at home rather than sending them overseas, far from family.  We have invested in more neighborhood policing to keep communities safe.

As times got hard over the last year, the Progressives-led Government offered support to hard-pressed businesses and families in need.  We supported those whose jobs in the tourism industry have been displaced – not just extending the stipends but increasing the amount available as we recognize the challenges being faced by hard-working families, through no fault of their own.  We ensured individuals and business owners could access their pension funds to help get them through these difficult circumstances.

We offered grants and other support to businesses to survive and take advantage of the improved economic circumstances that the Progressives’ economic recovery strategy will create.  The new Centre for Business Development helps both existing small businesses and those looking to set up on their own for the first time.

We created opportunities for all, supporting those in need and protecting the vulnerable in our community.  Those are the commitments that the Progressives live by, and those are the commitments we have delivered upon over the last eight years.  

I am proud to have been part of the last two Governments, and I am proud of what we have achieved for Cayman and our people.  This Manifesto sets out our plans to continue to work together, Independents and Progressives, to deliver on our commitments. I look forward to working with Roy McTaggart and the new Progressives team alongside our Alliance partners to put these plans into action.

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