RCN Editorial: Our Progressive Vision.

Candidate for George Town East, Roy McTaggart.

Sent in by: Roy McTaggart– Leader, The Progressives, Candidate for George Town East.

“Over the next four years, a Government comprising of an alliance of Progressives & Independents will keep Cayman safe while pushing forward the recovery our economy, and our people, need.”

Our country continues to face a time of unprecedented challenge. The Progressives-led Government has taken the swift and decisive action necessary to keep our people safe from the global threat of the COVID-19 virus.  We have succeeded where many other nations have failed and contained community spread of the disease and prevented a public health crisis.

As our vaccination program successfully rolls out we can look forward with increasing confidence to a brighter future, but, we cannot afford to relax our guard.  The disease remains a threat both to our health and to our economy.  We need to maintain our vigilance to keep our people safe.  At the same time, we need to plan and implement an effective recovery strategy that will return the Cayman Islands to the path of prosperity.

The last two Progressives-led Administrations succeeded in turning around the country following the global financial crisis that impacted our economy and Government finances. We did this with the help of Independents who joined with us in Government.  They, like the Progressives, understand that by working together and by following a joint program for Government we can achieve more for our Islands. 

The Progressives-led Governments, with our Independent partners, returned the Cayman Islands to strong economic growth.  We cut unemployment by more than half as over 3,000 more Caymanians found work in a strong economy.  At the same time, we restored effective stewardship of the nation’s finances, reducing fees and duties while generating Government surpluses and paying down debt.

That is a track record of achievement you know you can trust.  The Progressives have shown that we can partner with others in the national interest over the last eight years.  Collectively, we have proven that we can deliver the solutions that Cayman needs for the future.  

This Manifesto sets out our shared vision for Cayman – the Progressives and our Alliance partners’ Vision.  It is a concrete program of action that you can be confident the next Government will deliver.  

We will continue to keep our country safe, not just from the still-pressing threat of the mutating virus, but from the other threats we know are out there, including cybercrime; gangs that threaten the future of our young people; and the looming threat of climate change.

We will ensure Cayman’s economy recovers and bring jobs, business opportunities, and prosperity back to our people.  We will implement our ambitious plans for a new future for Cayman’s tourism industry; we will continue to support and fight to protect financial services; we will create new skills programs to ensure Caymanians can access the opportunities that growth creates.

We will continue to build our community while ensuring that those who need our help the most get what they need.  We will ensure that our young people get the best possible start in life. We will extend mental health services in the community and we will introduce a new approach to community development that targets help to the individuals that need our support.

Your vote for a Progressives candidate, or one of the Independent candidates who are part of the Alliance, will deliver into Government the only team committed to working together to provide that program of action and realize our shared ambition for Cayman’s future.

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