General Election Anti-Corruption Campaign Update

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On Monday 15 March 2021, the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) in collaboration with the Elections Office launched the General Election Against Corruption Today ‘ACT’ education campaign. The campaign has been highlighted via press releases and email correspondence, promoted via online banners on select local news websites, the ACC and Elections Office websites and the Elections Office Facebook page. In addition the Elections Office highlighted the campaign information in a special briefing presentation which was attended by 120 agents and 8 candidates.
The driving force of the campaign is in support of the Elections Office’s efforts to enforce the fight against corruption as set out in the Elections Act. There continues to be a growing public call for accountability, transparency and better governance, and to denounce any form of corruption in the Cayman Islands as a whole which was reinforced by the extension of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption to the Cayman Islands late last year.
As we approach the final days before the 2021 General Election, the ACC and the Elections Office wish to extend sincere thanks to the candidates and general public for the support expressed since the launch of the campaign. This support has been highlighted through candidates’ advocacy against corruption during debates, public forums and campaign meetings; and by voters through seemingly increased reporting and complaints of voter influence and public concerns about some activities and comments on the campaign trail. The ACC and the Elections Office understand that there has been some concern that the publication of the names of those candidates who publicly signed the pledge, might draw a negative inference for those that have not. It was therefore agreed that we would no longer publish the participating candidates’ names. For the avoidance of doubt we note that the affirmation of both the Candidate’s and the Voter’s Pledges are only one of the many tools used to promote anti-corruption efforts.
The ACC and the Elections Office continue to encourage the strong commitment

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