McKeeva Bush to join PACT, Turner,Ebanks, bush get ministries.

| 19th April 2021 | 2 Comments

Over the past weekend, the PACT Independent Group had several discussions regarding the composition of Cabinet and the following was agreed:

  • Premier – G. Wayne Panton, MP Elect, Newlands
  • Deputy Premier – Christopher Saunders, MP Elect, Bodden Town West
  • Minister – Kenneth V. Bryan, MP Elect, George Town Central
  • Minister – Sabrina Turner, MP Elect, Prospect
  • Minister – Andre M. Ebanks, MP Elect, West Bay South
  • Minister – Katherine Ebanks-Wilks, MP Elect, West Bay Central
  • Minister – Johany S. “Jay” Ebanks, MP Elect, North Side
  • Minister – Bernie A. Bush, MP Elect, West Bay North

The PACT Independent Group also agreed that: –
Heather D. Bodden, MP Elect, Savannah will serve as a Parliamentary Secretary, and W. Mckeeva Bush will serve as Speaker.

Premier Designate, G. Wayne Panton stated:

“I am humbled to be leading a team with such diverse backgrounds which reflects a mix of political experience and youthful energy. It is clear from the electorate that they wanted the torch pass to the next generation, and I am honoured to be at the helm of such a transition in our history.”

Premier Designate, G. Wayne Panton, also offered his gratitude to the outgoing administration and former legislators saying:

“I want to thank Premier Mclaughlin and his team for their service to our islands as public service is still a noble calling. I also want to use this opportunity to thank the other Parliamentarians who also served our islands over the past 4 years but were unsuccessful at the polls. In their contributions, they have left their fingerprints on the development of our islands.”

Premier Designate, G. Wayne Panton, also offered his gratitude to long-time Member of Parliament, Anthony S. Eden and concluded by saying:

“My team wants me to recognize the contributions of Mr. Tony as a legislator for almost 3 decades. His unbroken service to the People of Bodden Town, Savannah, and Newlands is testament to his commitment to public service and I wish him well in his retirement. I want to thank his family for sharing some of the best years of his life with us and we are forever in their debt.”

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  1. Conflicted says:

    I feel conflicted.
    I’m happy the people of the Cayman Islands have a new set of MPs and a leader who is an avowed conservationist.

    The environment may finally catch a break from rapacious destructive over-development.
    And the ordinary people will catch a break and be better supported in their desire to buy homes, create thriving businesses and educate children and young people to a high standard.

    But as a woman I cringe to see Bush as Speaker, a convicted assaulter, as Speaker of the House. He does not serve such honour.

    Yes, I can see he needs to be neutralised from making mischief and is better to be under strict control than a rogue lone agent.

    And of course he won his district – albeit by about two dozen votes, and with his allies falling away.

    But now we have a hung Parliament. We risk bitter partisan politics, vengeful stalemates and special interests still having an unfair influence in a democracy that hangs by a thread.

    Politicians can be targeted by dark money and picked off. The precarious situation when passing legislation means MPs are at grave risk from extreme pressure from powerful wealthy forces.

    Now is the time for patriotic and cool heads to prevail. To put aside the old ways and work collectively for the stability and greater good of these beloved isles.

    Or the price already paid in several women’s silent pain and shame at the hands of a powerful man will be paid by the whole of Cayman.

  2. An says:

    ask yourself – if she was your mother, your daughter, your friend – would you be ok with this? would a forced apology and 10% donation from a millionaire make this acceptable? if the answer is yes – and from the posts i’ve seen, from the very people who were behind #sheissupported, who have suddenly abandoned her in the their blind hatred for the PPM – is beyond comprehension and utterly despicable.

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