New PACT Government sworn in.

| 21st April 2021 | 0 Comments
Premier Wayne Panton, being sworn in. (CIGTV)

A new Government of The Cayman Islands has been sworn in. Independent Members of The PACT were sworn in as the Government, with Wayne Panton as Premier, Chris Saunders as Deputy Premier, and McKeeva Bush as Speaker of Parliament.

Speaking at the ceremony, Premier Panton outlined a “New Direction” for the country. He thanked former Premier Alden McLaughlin, for his service over the last two terms. Panton spoke about a vision, for a fairer Cayman. Mr. Panton also spoke about the environment, and how “Our need to over-consume and our dependency on imported products must be reviewed”

Mr. Panton made it clear that the borders will not re-open, until it is safe to do so. He also touched on the issue of Healthcare, saying it is “A Human Right.”

PPM leader Roy McTaggart did not go down without putting up a fight, nominating Barbara Connolly as Speaker and Deputy Speaker. Both attempts failed, with a 12-7 Majority to Mr. Bush and Ms. Wilks. The PPM did not nominate anyone to be Premier. Roy McTaggart and the PPM will sit in Opposition, with Joey Hew being Deputy Leader.

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