Over 1100 Vaccinated at Challenge Event

| 10th May 2021 | 1 Comment
Several MP’s showing off their injections. (Johnnie Lund, Real Cayman News.)

The Cayman Islands Covid-19 Vaccine Challenge, held on Saturday 8th of May, was a huge success. 1138 vaccines were distributed, with ith 734 being first doses and 404 being second doses. 

This brings the total number of vaccinations received in the Cayman Islands to 71,807 to date, meaning that 59% of the population has had at least one dose and 51% are now fully vaccinated, still significantly lower than the 70% quota.

The Vaccination Challenge, which is being coordinated by the Ministry of Tourism, & Transport, is aimed at encouraging as many residents as possible to get vaccinated before local vaccine stocks expire on 30 June.

The challenge continues through 9 June which is the last possible date for the first doses to be received.

Minister of Tourism & Transport Hon. Kenneth Bryan received his first vaccine dose at the event, and urged his George Town Central constituents and all residents who have not yet been vaccinated to join him in this Vaccination Challenge.

Discussing why getting vaccinated against the disease is so important, Mr. Bryan said, “The first and most important is to keep us all safe. We are dealing with a global pandemic, I think it is fair to say that everyone knows the seriousness of what this can do to human life, and ailments.  But most importantly after that is keeping our economy going.

“This is part of the ultimate goal in the long term – to safely open our economy. As you know, tourism is our second pillar and a major revenue earner and in order to continue to provide for the people of this country we need that revenue – but putting safety first. So, we think that these are some of the first steps to getting there. The medical advice has told us that when we get to around 80 per cent that we can start making the necessary steps to safely open the borders.  So, safety first, economy second and making people get back to work and money flowing back into our economy.”

Mr. Bryan explained that the Vaccination Challenge is an additional incentive for people to “do the right thing” and thanked the local business community for supporting the initiative, revealing that over 500 prizes have been donated.

(Real Cayman News Journalist Johnnie Lund Contributed to this Report.)

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    keep it up we need more vaccinated, Time to open our borders

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