HSA launches green initiatives to save an estimated $300k per year.

| 11th May 2021 | 1 Comment
New chiller replacements at the Cayman Islands Hospital. (Photo: Courtesy Health Services Authority)

Health Services Authority (HSA) has launched energy efficiency initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint, lower utility costs at the Cayman Islands Hospital by an estimated $360,000 and become a corporate leader in environmental sustainability in the Cayman Islands. 

Through a series of capital investments and initiatives to be implemented this year, the Authority hopes to save more than 20% in energy costs. These included replacement of aging windows across the facility to more energy-efficient thermal windows, installation of a 200KW solar photovoltaic system, acquisition of four modern, technologically advanced chillers, a new wastewater treatment plant, replacing all lighting with LED, and introduction of a hospital-wide recycling program. 

“The Cayman Islands Hospital has significant space on the roof which will be used for the generation of clean energy and serve as a backup power supply in the event of a sustained interruption to the grid supply”, said HSA Chief Executive Officer, Lizzette Yearwood. “We are implementing major upgrades to our facility to make it more energy-efficient, which signifies our commitment to being fiscally responsible and good stewards of the environment.”

“While the environmental benefits are important, the upgrades will ultimately provide a better experience for our patients,” said Ms. Yearwood.

New windows will be installed throughout the campus, with priority being inpatient care areas which will improve thermal protection, hurricane resiliency, and overall aesthetics.

A 12% reduction in energy consumption was realized following the replacement of two chillers in 2019, upgrading the remaining four is expected to show a marked reduction in the energy requirements to air-condition the main campus.

“The Board’s commitment to sustainable operations is part of HSA’s strategic initiative towards clean energy and overall efficiency improvements,” said HSA Board Chairman, Jonathan Tibbetts. “These fit within our current facility modernization program which will improve the overall patient experience at all HSA facilities and ensure healthcare remains affordable and accessible.”

“Alongside the environmental benefits the works will bring for the HSA, local businesses are also anticipated to benefit in the construction and implementation phase of the project, helping to boost the local economy,” Mr. Tibbetts added. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    If the Government was really serious about solar they would make the panels duty free and push CUC to expand the core program…

    But money is better than the environment in Cayman the time to act is now!

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