RCIPS Releases Image of Ganja Edible Recovered at Local School.

| 25th May 2021 | 1 Comment
Edible Ganja found at CHHS. (RCIPS)

(RCN) Earlier this month, police officers were called to a local school following a report that a suspicious food item had been recovered from a student during a bag search conducted by staff. The item was an edible made with cereal, which is suspected to have ganja as a component. Officers recovered the item and a field test was conducted which confirmed the presence of ganja.

The RCIPS is now publishing a photo of the item recovered for the awareness of the public (see attached). The item appears to consist of Fruity Pebbles cereal, fashioned into a block and infused with ganja. It has a similar appearance to regular cereal bars.

The public, especially parents and guardians of children and students, are advised to be on the lookout for these ganja infused items. The public is also reminded that it is an offense to possess or consume ganja products unless given a medical dispensation to do so. It is also illegal to sell such products if you are not a licensed medical practitioner, or to otherwise supply drugs.

Brenda Watson, Acting Director of The National Drug Council also added, “The NDC would like to remind parents to reinforce the message that edible marijuana is indeed still an illegal drug. While many teens may think that eating marijuana is an okay way to get high, it is in fact dangerous, risky, and illegal. Metabolizing edible marijuana produces a different response than smoking it due to its varying range of potency. The results can include intoxication, paranoia, and high anxiety.”

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