Insurance Innovation in the Cayman Islands

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The global health crisis has been a driver towards greater innovation and improved customer service. Whilst most of us can recall the perennial insurance salesman as a constant (and still necessary) feature of the life insurance industry, Sagicor Life of the Cayman Islands has shown us that growth and innovation are important in the way insurance is bought and sold. As the insurance industry continues to evolve and adapt to meet people’s changing needs, companies have had to find new ways to provide access to coverage that is easily understood and convenient.

Sagicor recently launched the e-Life platform, which is synonymous with the company’s trajectory and it is the first-ever online insurance solution in the Cayman Islands. This represents a major step forward for the company and the islands’ insurance industry on a whole.

Sagicor’s Country Manager, Ms Tatiana Brown, believes that with the introduction of the e-Life platform, the Cayman Islands is on the cutting edge of insurance innovation. “Innovation has always played a key role in our business operations; and since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen the need to make it a greater focus. Our clients are dealing with the challenges of living and doing business during a pandemic and so to continue providing convenient and accessible solutions, we introduced the e-Life platform.

Sagicor Cayman Islands Sales Manager, Norman Wilson is also excited to bring this innovative service to Caymanians. He said; “We are always looking for new ways to serve our clients better and e-Life is making it easier for them to enjoy the convenience of being able to view our life insurance products and select the plan that is right for them. e-Life takes the hassle out of spending hours trying to find a plan as now you can do so and make an initial payment using any internet enabled mobile device.”

Wilson also underscored that the e-Life solution offers both low-contact as well as a contactless solution for clients – dependent on their needs. “It’s a flexible and safer solution to doing business during the pandemic. Clients can still speak with an advisor before making a decision and then utilise the convenience of purchasing their preferred plan using e-Life; and also give clients full access to Sagicor’s suite of services without the need to visit our office, call or meet with an advisor.”

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