PACT Government participates in Teambuilding workshop.

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Members of the PACT Government spent two days 
in a team building and consensus workshop.

(RCN) The 11 members of the People-driven, Accountable, Competent, and Transparent (PACT) Government spent two and a half days recently engaged in a team and consensus-building workshop to help align the strategy and outcomes to which they are committed.  

“As a group of individuals who campaigned as independents in the recent General Elections, it was important for us to come together to flesh out our plan for moving forward as a cohesive unit,” said Premier Hon. Wayne Panton.  “We were already in agreement about many issues, but this was an opportunity to debate, discuss and ultimately solidify our objectives, which will be reflected in the upcoming Strategic Policy Statement that will outline this administration’s policy priorities and inform the budget planning going forward.”  

Topics that the group covered included good governance, healthcare, tourism, financial services, sports, social development and protection, education, environment and sustainability and labour and employment.  

“The retreat was engaging, focussed, and refreshingly collaborative for me personally,” said Hon. Andre Ebanks, Minister for Financial Services & Commerce and Investment, Innovation & Social Development. “More importantly, it was well-timed having followed weeks of civil service briefings that precisely detailed the policies and initiatives of the previous administration. These sessions then allowed us to not only fashion broad strategic objectives but also specify how we would seek to achieve them; time well spent in my opinion.”

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