CSPL to launch Electronic Filing portal for Persons in Public Life in Accordance with the Standards in Public Life Act.

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(RCN) In 2020 the CSPL received the first filings of annual declarations for submission to the Register of Interests
in accordance with the Standards in Public Life Act. Following receipt of these declarations the
Commission embarked on the development of a system to allow for the electronic filing of annual
declaration forms by Persons in Public Life. The Commission is excited to announce that declarations for
the period ending 30 June 2021 will be able to be submitted via our new online Register of Interests portal.
The Commission expects the portal to go live on 1 July.

The new portal will utilise a CYGNET account (users without a CYGNET account can easily create one) to
allow you to securely register your personal details, including the uploading of a current Government
issued ID, and submit your declaration form(s). The portal features convenient functionalities such as
auto-save, automatic email confirmations, the ability to update your declarations as needed, the ability
to copy information from one reporting period to the next, and the convenience of being able to view all
of your previously submitted declarations in one location.

The portal has been developed by the Commission, in partnership with the Computer Services
Department, and has been vetted for optimal security; data will be stored in accordance with the
principles of the Data Protection Act.
Persons in Public Life are reminded that there is a legal requirement to make a submission by no later
than 30 July 2021 by declaring your interests, income, assets, and liabilities, in accordance with the Act,
for the annual period ending 30 June 2021. The portal will go live on 1 July 2021 and additional reminders
will be released at that time.

Persons unable to complete their declarations online may continue to complete the recently updated
PDF-fillable Declaration Forms by contacting the Commission at 244-3685 or
The following persons are required to submit annual declarations utilizing Schedule 1:
 Members of Parliament, including the Speaker.
 Chief Officers and Deputy Chief Officers.
 Chief Financial Officers and Deputy Chief Financial Officers.
 Heads of departments, sections, or units and their deputies, as well as any other organized entity
within a ministry or portfolio, statutory authority, statutory body, government company,
department, section or unit, and their deputies.
 Chief executives of statutory authorities, government companies, and their deputies.
 A person holding a full-time or part-time position in a public authority who engages in an activity
that is in conflict is likely to conflict or may be perceived to conflict with, his position in a public
The following persons are required to submit annual declarations utilizing Schedule 2:
 Members of governing bodies of statutory authorities.
 Members of governing bodies of government companies.
 Members of all Commissions created by or under the Constitution.

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