RCN Editorial: Caribbean Theatre At Its Best AT FJ Harquail Theatre

Dr. Frank McField.

Sent in by: Quincy H.F Brown

Thought provoking and an emotional turn twister; Frank McField’s ONE WHITE ONE BLACK is playing this weekend at the Harquail theatre on Grand Cayman. The 2 hour play is well directed and produced by ZEN Productions. I’m Very grateful my friend Isadora Ferrao arranged tickets for us to go see the two-hander on Sunday night. It’s so very well portrayed I’d willingly go watch it again. Rated R due to strong language and sexual situations – the play is set on a street corner where two homeless men exist. George and Bob, friends, have lost hope in their careers as musician and writer respectively. Once very successful they are now divorced from their wives Angela and Jessie and are hobos; surrounding the two no counts of society are their only belongings.

But what happened? How did they get to this point in life? One White One Black, starring Michael Mclaughlin and Fritz McPhearson touches on all elements of the human existence. In a Caymanians society where Colours Cayman and Colours Caribbean have now taking root, George and Bob still love their ex-wives – and each other in a brotherly manner. At no point does homosexuality arise – though through role play both men became romantically close to each other via “acting”. Those students in cayman serious about theatre, drama and acting should attend with their parents. Mature audiences only. One White One Black demonstrates that in life no man is an island and no woman stands alone. McField as playwright brings seriously mind baffling drama to his audiences. Would these men commit suicide in their rut or is there hope in a society where mental health is now being taking seriously?

One White One Black will have you laughing and in tears of sadness of what can happen when we humans muck up and society seemingly turns its back on us.

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