Premier Panton sends urgent appeal for those to get vaccine.

| 21st July 2021 | 0 Comments
Premier Panton speaking in Parliament (Screenshot from CIGTV)

(RCN) Premier Wayne Panton is making an urgent appeal, for those still not vaccinated to get the Covid-19 vaccine. The Premier spoke in Parliament on the 21st of July, congratulating the 66% of those vaccinated, but really stressing the importance of taking the Covid-19 vaccine.

The Premier noted that the boarders will not open until the somewhat unrealistic goal of 80% vaccinated is reached. Currently, the Cayman Islands is 4th in the World in vaccination rates.

Many in the tourism industry are upset about the Cayman Islands still being closed, when our tourism competitors are getting new business, but the Government claim they are taking a “Peoples first” approach to keep those who are vulnerable safe.

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