Cayman Islands Vaccination rate slowly grinds on.

Pfizer and Moderna Vaccines. (CNBC)

After massive pushes by both P.A.C.T and PPM Governments, the vaccination rate is slowly grinding on, according to the HSA. Fewer and fewer people are getting the vaccines, with only 1,496 people getting the first dose and 2,243 getting the second dose for the whole month of July. 68% of the total population has had 2 doses of the vaccine.

Though this may seem like an improvement, it is nowhere near the PACT governments 80% herd immunity plan for the reopening of the borders. it is also a large decrease from the vaccination rate in June, which saw 3,727 people getting their first dose.

Being halfway through August, the vaccination rate is at a deadly slow climb with only 436 people getting their first dose, and 512 people getting their second dose in the 10 day timeline. Though this is still increasing the vaccinated population, their is still a large number of people who have yet to go get the Covid-19 Vaccine.

To see the Covid-19 Vaccine schedule, click here.

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