Handgun possession charges lands local man 9 years in prison.

Gunman jailed for 9 years after dishonest claims - Cayman Islands Headline  News : Cayman News Service
image provided by cayman news service. http://www.caymannewsservice.com

Around four months ago, a man by the name of Marlon Sharpe heavily violated Caymans strict gun control laws, regarding both possession of and use of an unregistered firearm with unregistered use of ammunition. The charges seem to go further as police suspect that Mr. Sharpe was involved in an incident at Vic’s Bar in 2020. Police were able to apprehend Mr. Sharpe after he allegedly turned up at an ex-girlfriend’s house with the handgun.

Although there was some confusion, as the gun that was found by police was apparently an actual firearm whilst the gun that he was arrested for after the incident at Vic’s bar was labeled by police as an imitation firearm, witnesses still stated that Sharpe fired off two bullets as warning shots before presuming to knock out a person in the bar.

The presiding judge made the decision to give Mr. Sharpe nine years in prison, due to both of Sharpe’s gun crimes.

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