St-Ignatius Headmaster to depart school after one term.

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Disclaimer: General Manager John Fleming and Journalist John Lund are both former students of St-Ignatius Catholic School.

(RCN) Martin Nugent, Headmaster of private catholic school St-Ignatius, has departed the school, after only serving one term as headmaster, school administrators confirmed to the Cayman Compass.

The veteran educator, who told the Current that “I’ll be here a long time” has departed the school. Although the school has not confirmed the reason for Mr Nugent’s departure, many are speculating that he was reported by a member of staff, for inappropriate behaviour.

A lot of people have told me that Mr. Nugent had been reported for inappropriate behavior with teachers, and allegedly was intoxicated on a boat.

Anonymous St-Ignatius student.

The school received an overall “Satisfactory” rating in a recent inspection, due to poor leadership and high turnover of staff, Cayman Marl Road first reported.

The school will now have to fill the position, for the third time in two years.

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