Alex Panton Foundation Encourages Teens To Reach Out For Help

| 14th February 2022 | 2 Comments
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(RCN) In light of recent events in the community, Dr. Erica Lam, a consultant clinical psychologist from the Alex Panton Foundation (APF) wants all teens to know where find and reach out for that help with mental health challenges, Cayman News Service (CNS) reported.

Last week, a local teenage girl unexpectedly took her life. In a NDC 2020 report, one in six students said that they have seriously considered attempting suicide. A World Health Organization (WHO) report stated that suicide is the 4th leading cause of death in 15-19 year old’s, CNS reported.

The WHO also reported that suicides are preventable if a number of measures are taken. These measures include identifying, assessing, managing, and following up on anyone who is affected by suicidal behaviors. (RELATED:9-year-old dies after attempting Tik Tok challenge)

“It is imperative that young people and their families know where to turn for support and guidance, particularly during such a challenging time. The Alex Panton Foundation initiatives have been developed based on local data through the collaborative efforts of policymakers, practitioners and organizations, committed to creating lasting change.” Dr Erica Lam said to CNS.

Those who are currently struggling and require immediate assistance should immediately contact 911, who can provide the necessary help. The APF offers several programs for both teens and adults on issues relating to mental health and wellness.

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