Airport Authority Looking To Build Private Terminal

| 17th February 2022 | 2 Comments
Photo from SkyTrax.

(RCN) The Cayman Islands Airport Authority (CIAA) is considering a major upgrade at the private terminal, Cayman News Service (CNS) reported. The redevelopment of the main terminal cost $120 million, which was $20 million over budget and 1 year late, CNS reported.

The CIAA is looking for consultants to create a plan to improve service at all 3 airports, with a particular focus at the general terminal at Owen Roberts International Airport. The plan will guide decisions for Owen Roberts International Airport, Charles Kirkconnell International Airport (Cayman Brac) and the Edward Bodden Airfield.

Tourism Minister Kenneth Bryan told CNS that the project won’t be a costly venture, but will enhance the tourism product for wealthier jets flying in private, this tying in with the supposed PACT policy of quality over quantity. (RELATED: Major Airline Returns To Owen Roberts)

“While airports always need to be under constant review and more expansion of ORIA will be required in the future, with several elements likely to be outlined in this business case, redeveloping the general terminal is something we can focus on and achieve within the budget for this term.” Minister Bryan told CNS.

The Owen Roberts International Airport is rated 3 out of 5 stars, according to SkyTrax, who rate airline and airports. “The terminal facilities are modern, and there is good air-conditioning. There is peak time crowding and queues for security and immigration. F&B options are located airside and include international fast-food choices and sit down dining which are satisfactory. Tax-free shopping options are available and expensive souvenirs shops. Staff can be friendly in concessions, but the quality of service for security and immigration is not always at a high level.” 

There was no mention of how much a new private terminal would cost, or how much the consultants will be charging. There was also no mention that the venture will be government-funded or a public-private partnership.

The minister claimed that rebooting tourism depends on catering to high net-worth travellers. The Government is hoping to get numbers back to the record levels in 2019.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    They need to focus on Caymanians, not rich letters!

  2. Bemused expat says:

    How exactly is there a conflict between focusing on Caymanians and attracting rich people who will inject $$$$ into the local economy?

    It seems that some locals would like to regress the islands back to when everyone was poor, bucolic fishermen. If that’s the aim, at least have the integrity to admit it: don’t demand modernity and funding on one hand, and yet castigate those who pay for it.

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