Russia To Recognise Breakaway Ukrainian Regions

| 21st February 2022 | 0 Comments
President Vladimir Putin of Russia (DW)

(RCN) Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed this evening that the Kremlin plans to recognize breakaway regions of Ukraine, BBC News reported. Putin told French and German diplomats that he will sign a decree recognizing regions Donetsk and Lugansk as “Peoples Republics.”

This move could allow Putin to move troops into the Eastern Ukrainian regions, close to Kyiv. This could end all peace talks, BBC News reported. International Airlines Lufthansa, Swiss and Air France have cancelled flights to Ukraine, over fears of War.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who was also addressing the United Kingdom live on non-related issues, said that the move would violate the sovereignty of Ukraine, and that it was a “dark sign.” Chancellor of Germany Olaf Scholz also condemned the move, telling the Russian president to de-escalate the situation and pull back forces from the border with Ukraine. He stressed Russia’s special responsibility to maintain the truce in Ukraine’s east, The outlet reported. (RELATED: ‘Two great powers’: Biden, Putin plunge into hours of talks.)

Putin criticized former Communist leaders of Russia, in particular Vladimir Lenin. Putin called the Bolshevik leader the “author and architect” of the Ukrainian state, and claimed that the communists “disadvantaged Russia.” He also claimed that Ukraine had no history of being a true nation, and accused – without evidence – the Ukrainian authorities of corruption.

He finished his speech by saying “I’m sure I’ll have the support of the Russian people. Thank you.”

You can follow live updates from BBC News.

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