Cuban Migrants Disembark In Cayman Brac

| 25th April 2022 | 2 Comments

(RCN) After more than two years of emergency due to COVID-19, the general economic situation has become further complicated, prompting more and more people who have relapsed into poverty and desperation, seeking their fortune elsewhere.

On the 14th of April, Government Information Services (GIS) reported the disembarkation of twelve migrants landed in Spot Bay. The same situation was repeated on Saturday 23rd of April.

Fourteen Cuban citizens were spotted and rescued at their docking in Cayman Brac, after embarking on the “journey of hope” aboard a dilapidated vessel, which also led to the hospitalization of an individual for exhaustion.

All migrants are now temporarily retained in quarantine, in line with Cayman’s COVID-19 regulations and they will be moved to Grand Cayman in the upcoming weeks. It is still unclear what will happen after, if the individuals will be deported back to their country or their situation will be singularly analysed case by case under a humanitarian optic for those seeking asylum.

The situation is becoming very controversial, as there is no way to find out the background of the migrants, whom may be coming with the best intentions, but they could also pose a security problem, both in terms of public order and potentially adding up to the increasing amount of crime in the island, and of an economic nature.

There is certainly concern on the island about further disembarkments and, at an economic level, some may wonder who will have to pay for the livelihoods of migrants and how to continue to guarantee the security of our borders.

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