Fear In George Town: Armed Thieves Assaulted And Robbed Two Civilians.

(RCN) Two men have sown panic around George Town, hurting a man and robbing a woman in two close cases which are suspected to be related.

Between 8:45 pm and 10 am, two new episodes of armed robbery, very similar to each other, with one man wounded and hospitalized.

The two men are described as both dressed up in black and of light brown complexion, one short and slim (the one holding the gun) and the other one tall and muscled, The Cayman Compass reported.

Just after 8:45 PM, they approached a woman from their silver Honda CRV with tinted windows and threatened her, demanding that she was to give them her bag, with one of the two pointing his gun towards her.

Understandably shocked, she reported that, with her purse, they also grabbed her passport, her mobile phone, all her cash, and other personal items, just before driving away.

Thereafter, around 10 pm, two masked men, most probably the same criminal duo, were seen at Domino’s on Garston Smith Drive in West Bay, where they placed the second heist.

After entering the restaurant, the shorter man intimidated the staff with a gun, demanding to give them their money and hitting a staff member on his face, causing him a night at the hospital, before leaving with an undisclosed quantity of cash.

Police has encouraged anybody who may have witnessed or may possess any information in regards of these incidents, to promptly contact 911 or the police confidential tip line at 949-7777, as the two criminals are still on the loose.

It is certainly a big concern the increasing amount of crimes the island is facing and urgent measures need to be set in place, in order to maintain the safety of our island and avoid further incidents.

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