COVID-19: Masks Here To Stay

(RCN) Public health officials are currently in a debate about whether to add, remove or keep in place Covid protocols. Covid restrictions are going to expire at the end of this month. Many parents had hoped that these restrictions ending would mean that children would cease wearing masks in school.

Health officials warned that though there is a decrease in admissions to hospitals, the number of Covid isolations do pose an effect on society. A clear increase in positive cases occurring has resulted in a corresponding increase in quarantines. The latest figures from the Ministry of Health have concluded that between 10-12 days 460 positive cases have occurred.

The current 94% one dose vaccination rate has still resulted in a 20% increase in positive cases. Since the outbreak of the pandemic there has been a report of 22,700 positive cases.

Official sources have estimated shockingly 983 people in isolation this week. Officials stated that their were current concerns with compliance of policies and restrictions.

Overall Health officials have confirmed that masking in public places and with transportation will continue to remain in effect.

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