High-Profile Witness Murdered

| 29th April 2022 | 2 Comments
Caine Dimitri Thomas (CMR)

On the morning of Thursday the 28th at 1:30am, near White Sand Condos, a high-profile witness by the name of Caine Dimitri Thomas was shot and killed on an undisclosed beach, Cayman Marl Road (CMR) reported.

This marks the second brutal murder in one week. The first killing was a retired Northward correctional officer by the name of Harry Elliot, who was murdered in his abode on Monday.

Thursday morning, after 1:30 am a 911 call alerted police to the gruesome discovery of Thomas’s body with two gunshot wounds in the cranial. Caine was quickly rushed to the hospital and unfortunately pronounced dead.

Thomas was essential in a 2017 breaking and entering case, filed against him and two other men; Elmer Wright and Shane Conner. Caine Thomas was able to provide testimony against his two accomplices. The testimony resulted in his release last year. Police also speculate that Caine was with a current person of interest in his black Honda CR-V.

Police would later find Caine’s vehicle along cemetery beach a mile away from the site of the murder.

It is speculated that Thomas was visiting a relative on Wednesday the 27th; he would then leave at 11:30pm to meet acquaintances.

Police know very little currently, and police commissioner Derek Byrne encourages the community to bring forward any and all information about the crimes committed.

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