SHOCKING: BVI Premier Arrested In Miami Airport!

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Premier Andrew Fahie

The premier of the British Virgin Islands (BVI), Andrew Fahie, was arrested for drug trafficking at a Miami airport by agents of the US anti-drug agency DEA. Together with him, Oleanvine Maynard, director of the port authority of the BVI, ended up being arrested. Both are suspected of having participated in a vast trafficking scheme aimed at smuggling cocaine into the US and laundering money.

On top of it, Fahie allegedly agreed to a $700,000 payment to allow traffickers from a Mexican cartel to use BVI ports with an undercover informant, charges filed in the US said. The DEA said the 51-year-old had agreed to allow an informant, who was posing as a member of Mexico’s Sinaloa drug cartel and whose identity remains confidential, to use British Virgin Islands’ ports to ship cocaine in return for a payment of $500,000. He also asked for additional money to repay a debt to a “fixer”.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government is “baffled” by serious drug trafficking and money laundering allegations that led to the arrest of the Prime Minister of the British Virgin Islands, an overseas Caribbean territory of the British crown and a well-known, independently governed tax haven.

“These are serious allegations, I am appalled”, the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Liz Truss declared to BBC.

The investigation, as it has been learned, was conducted by American drug investigators which started in January 2021, in collaboration with the authority of John Rankin, representative of the British monarchy on the island with the title of governor, to whom Truss has asked for a report in these hours.

Rankin himself, who is an official appointed by the Crown with the approval of the UK government, has meanwhile taken control of current affairs in the archipelago, inviting the 35,000 local inhabitants to “keep calm.”

Fahie is also under investigation for suspected corruption. Accusations of collusion with money laundering have long been leveled by various NGOs and international institutions against the leader of the BVI, but also against British governments, suspected of having turned a blind eye. There are currently no further declarations from Fahie, awaiting to clarify the dynamics of the facts.

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