Columbian Cocaine Smuggler To Stay In Cayman

| 9th May 2022 | 0 Comments

(RCN) A Columbian man, who is convicted of smuggling cocaine into the Cayman Islands, has been granted permission to stay in the Cayman Islands. Alan Dominguez lost his permanent resident status after being sentenced to four years in prison, The Cayman Compass reported.

Dominguez was sentenced after being involved in drug smuggling, which had smugglers swallow condoms stuffed with cocaine. If one of the “packets” exploded, the drug smugglers would have overdosed on the drug, causing serious health issues. Dominguez was involved with former customs officer David Lobo, who was sentenced to 16 years in prison for leading the operation, the Cayman Compass reported.

Dominguez is married to a Caymanian and has 1 child and 2 stepchildren. The tribunal recognised that it would be dangerous for him and his family to move to Columbia and that they should all stay in a safe country.

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