Local Instagram Page Promotes Teen Fighting:

Screenshot from “Cayman Brawls.”

The latest madness comes directly from the social world.  Following the crime news in recent weeks, a new hymn to violence rises on the island, directly from the well-known Zuckerberg platform.

His nickname is caymanbrawls and they hide, but not too much, behind a private profile, illustrating in his bio with an almost amused tone “Cayman’s best fights and funny clips”, as if it were the launch of a new and dangerous trend that is rapidly developing spreading on the island.

Videos of the kids fighting:

In the first video, two underage girls can be seen punching each other, with no holds barred, near the school bus, under the amused eyes of their classmates filming everything, while the driver and security try to stop the crowd fight.

 A second video still features two girls of unidentified age kicking and punching each other, this time at night and in an uncrowded place. About 40 seconds into the fight, a boy runs in and breaks it up.

 Kicks and punches are repeated in a third video, which still sees some underage students who have come out of school, attacking a peer lying on the ground while he is repeatedly hit.

 As if that weren’t enough, in a fourth video you can catch a glimpse of a street fight organised in the Fight Club style, complete with an audience and music to watch and film the unmissable show.

 And finally, a post with a black background, in which he encourages his followers to send him more.

These are some of the contents displayed “as a joke”, as if it was a game, a normal recreational activity of a limitless generation, which consider violence and humiliation as key factors for social survival, without leaving a glimpse of the slightest sign of shame or resentment.  A normalization of bullying and aggression used to dictate their own rules and put on a show, surrounded by the amused indifference of the pack.

 An initiative in bad taste that can only feed the flame of incivility, accompanied by systematic ignorance, in a historical period where a handful of followers on their own page replaces their dignity.

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