RCIPS Threaten Arrest Over “Anti Social Behaviour.”

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(RCN) The RCIPS is working with Caymana Bay Property Management, to address escalating occurrenses of “Anti Social Behaviour,” a RCIPS press release reported.

CCTV footage allegedly showed teenagers vandalising toilets, chairs thrown in the water, golf carts crashed, and bikers holding up traffic performing stunts around Caymana Bay, the press release reported.

These issues have arisen due to kids not having a safe place to ride their bikes. In other countries, kids can utilise safe bike trails, keeping themselves and the community safe. Kids have decided to use Caymana Bay, as there is an abundance of space to spend time.

“Some of this activity is about kids looking for somewhere to congregate to practice tricks and ride their bikes in an environment that is safe and accessible, and Camana Bay is attractive to young bike riders in this respect. “However, the behavior of these groups of youths has gone well beyond riding bikes with friends, and at the extreme end, these kids are committing acts that break the law and make them liable for arrest – not to mention the lack of consideration shown towards the community that visit Camana Bay.” Community Police Inspector Leslie Laing-Hall said in the press release.

“Camana Bay is a gathering place for our entire community; a place built on living, working and entertainment where everyone can come together to spend time, whether they are heading to work, visiting the shops, dining, hanging out with friends or returning home. Anti-social behaviour affects the whole community and needs us all to work together to ensure that Camana Bay is a safe and welcoming place where all are treated respectfully. We are exploring a variety of solutions with the RCIPS from an increased police and security presence to dedicated gathering spaces for young people where they can release their energy without disrupting other visitors. We fully support the RCIPS protecting the community in their enforcement of the law,” Dart Property Manager Jeffrey Wight shared in the press release.

With these issues arising, it may make one wonder if more needs to be invested into our youth. The Cayman Islands Government should look into making investments into public spaces, such as a biking track.

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