COVID-19: Increase Of 144 Cases This Week.

| 13th May 2022 | 0 Comments

(RCN) Cayman recently saw an increase of 144 new cases from last week to 748. During this time the Cayman Ministry of Health also recorded a covid-related death, which occurred from an elderly patient with underlying health conditions. A further 244 more positive covid cases hit the island, which is a 19% increase from last week.

The Cayman Islands Government states Covid tests administered this week decreased by 288, from 2,185 to 1,897. Positive rate is at 34%. 12 vaccinated people have been admitted to hospitals, all had received both doses and 40% have received their third dose. This is an increase of 5 new patients. In one month 273 covid patients checked into hospital. The total cases are now at 23,578, with 748 cases this week hitting a daily average of 107. Only 2 patients need supplemental oxygen. Luckily 0 need a ventilator or are in intensive care. 568 children ages 5-11 received both doses of the vaccine.

42% of the population received the third booster covid shot. The vaccination rate among the age groups still varies, and all are encouraged by government to get vaccinated.

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