Cuban Migrants Continue To Arrive In Cayman Brac

(RCN) The Cayman Islands Border Control has called an emergency act, to ease a recent migrant surge. The Border Control detention center is at capacity.

Many of the migrants are Cubans, with 1,100 Cuban migrants landing on Cayman shores. Splitting off from the original 2,000 migrants going through Cayman waters. Cayman is seeing countless migrants remain on the island rather than move onto the U.S. Immediately. This comes as positive Covid cases and vaccinations still remain a problem with many immigrants.

Currently, most of the migrants use Cayman as a way to gain access to the U.S. This could raise a problem as cartels, drug dealers, weapon smugglers along with other criminal activities might start to be more prevalent. International United Nations law allows immigrants to have more time in a country if they are seeking asylum or refugees.

Overcrowding in the detention center caused the immigration board to create temporary housing. Civic centres are going to be the temporary housing facilities. At this moment transportation for 37 migrants to these civic center facilities has occurred. Hurricane season will cause problems with this temporary solution.

The question is whether border security officers and the administration can handle the brunt of this surge. Or will this cause a state of emergency?

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