Cruise Tourism: New Agreement With FCCA To Bring Local Employment Growth

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The Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA), the trade association representing the mutual interests of destinations and stakeholders in the Caribbean, announced that it has been finalized a strategic agreement with the Cayman Islands.

“This new agreement shows the momentum that both FCCA and its destinations are gaining as cruise tourism continues to increase,” said Micky Arison, President of FCCA and Carnival Corporation. 

“The Cayman Islands have been a longtime partner and I am honored to stipulate this agreement, which  means the return of a world-class cruise destination. We are proud of our recent joint work, that has facilitated the return of cruise tourism and will accelerate the recovery of so many livelihoods that have been suspended. Through this agreement, FCCA will deliver the Cayman Islands’ individualized initiatives, which focus on assisting the private sector, improving employment, promoting the purchase of local merchandise by cruise lines and more that will help Cayman to thrive from the economic impact that the industry brings”, added Michele Paige, CEO of FCCA. 

 After a more than two-year hiatus from cruise tourism due to their COVID-19 protocols, the Cayman Islands recently began welcoming stopovers, following a site visit by the FCCA and cruise executives, as well as a series of meetings with the government and health officials.  

Kenneth Bryan, Minister of Tourism and Transportation, declared: “We are grateful to have like-minded partners like the FCCA, who does not only wish to return to the Cayman Islands, but will work strategically with us to enhance the cruise experience like never before.”

Now, through this deal, the Cayman Islands are forecasting a substantial financial growth, which will generate over $250 million profit.

Through the agreement, FCCA will not only partner with the Cayman Islands government to improve their services and increase tourism, but will also facilitate new experiences for cruise lines and work with the local businesses in order to maximize any opportunity. 

“For decades, cruise tourism has been intrinsic to the identity of the Cayman Islands.  As a luxury lifestyle destination, our delicious food, award-winning beaches, five-star amenities and friendly wildlife are meant to be shared with friends and travelers from around the world. Through this partnership with FCCA, we look forward to further elevating our tourism product and welcoming a new generation of adventurers aboard cruise ships.”, said Caymans director of tourism Rosa Harris.

Some of the features of the strategic partnership include focusing on converting cruise guests into permanent visitors, promoting summer cruises, engaging travel agents, creating consumer demand and developing a service needs assessment.

This significant agreement will definitely bring a significant  improvement for the Caymans economy and it’s people, after facing two difficult years of isolation due to the global pandemic, which has put a strain on small businesses and the entire tourism sector.

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