Swimmer Breaks Record Swimming Around Cayman Islands

| 19th May 2022 | 0 Comments
British Swimmer Oly Rush

(RCN) 37-year-old swimmer and environmental activist Oly Rush has completed a 65-mile swim around the Cayman Islands. Rush has become the first person to ever complete the 65 miles around the perimeter of Grand Cayman.

Rush was raising money for Plastic Free Cayman, a local activist group that aims to spread useful information about the environment, and sustainable lifestyles. Rush was able to raise £17,352 ($18000 Cayman Islands dollars.) on gofundme, an extra £7000 for the charity.

Rush was followed by several rescue boats, along with Kayaks and Paddleboards, encouraging the British swimmer to complete the 36-hour journey. Medical personnel waited patiently, and took Oly to get necessary health checks.

“It is risky, but hey, life is risky! To achieve anything worthwhile there is a risk of failure, just getting to the start line is a huge success. The support and dedication from everyone has blown me away,” Rush said to his Facebook followers.

Rush has been competing in long-distance endurance events for the last five years, including swimming around the Isle of Wright. The swim around Grand Cayman was the longest swim that Rush has swam. Rush had a goal of completing the challenge in 30 hours, but smashed it out in 36, due to bad weather conditions.

Rush was unable to speak to members of the media, due to the impact of salt water on his tongue, but according to the health checks he is in good health and is doing well after the long swim.

Plastic Free Cayman is a team of volunteers passionate about reducing single-use plastic in the beautiful Cayman Islands. They aim to raise awareness of the growing issues surrounding plastic pollution and help others on their plastic-free journey. They began as a grassroots movement in 2017 with monthly cleanups and were awarded our ‘Not for Profit Charitable Trust’ certificate in June 2018.

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