Cayman To Prepare For Upcoming Hurricane Season

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Various weather organizations that study meteorological phenomena have made, like every year during this period, forecasts for the hurricane season in the Atlantic area, and the forecast is far from promising.

According to Colorado State University hurricane experts, they expect around 19 tropical storms, of which 9 are expected to become light hurricanes and 4 major hurricanes (category 3 or higher.)

 Similar opinion from AccuWeather’s team of meteorologists, led by hurricane expert Dan Kottlowski, predicted an above-normal season for hurricanes in the Atlantic, with 16-20 storms and 6 to 8 hurricanes of which 3 to 5 will be category 3 or higher.

This is due to the waters of the Mexican Gulf, contributing to the cyclonic activity, as in some places have reached 4 °C above the average. Hot water and air favour the formation of hurricanes with heavy rains, that could lead to catastrophic natural events.

 It now seems clear that climate change is leading to an increase in the frequency and intensity of Atlantic storms and to an extension of the hurricane season, which, in the last few years, started in May instead of June.

Premier Wayne Panton together with Minister of Sustainability & Climate Resiliency Hon. G., stated that “Global climate change increases the need for the Cayman Islands community to be prepared for severe weather events. More frequent and intense storms are one impact of increased global temperatures that is particularly relevant to our country. Being prepared is one of the most important things we can do as individuals, as families, businesses and communities to minimise the impacts of severe weather events.”

Hazard Management Cayman Islands Director Danielle Coleman added that “Now is the time to stock up on emergency supplies and items for securing your home, make a plan for your family or business and stay tuned to radio and local television for the latest official news from Hazard Management and the National Weather Service.”

The hurricane season is at the door and it seems to be a challenging one, but there is still time to adequately prepare, in order to face the next stormy few months ahead.

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