NRA boss says Smith Road/Bobby Thompson signal temporarily fixed

Edward Howard, the managing director at the National Roads Authority (NRA), confirmed on Friday evening that the traffic signal on Bobby Thompson Way was functioning again after been knocked out by a CUC line during the storm.

According to Mr Howard, the repairs were done using “mainly salvaged parts” from other equipment and that the NRA is “sourcing new components” overseas.  The new system is expected to “house a backup battery system” which will help in the event that the traffic signal is impacted again during a storm.

Road users are being reminded, however, that the current repairs are only temporary and if any issues occur with the substituted components, the NRA and the police may have to revert to a temporary layout as a four-way stop, with assistance from the police during peak hours.

The NRA thanks the public for their patience at this time and apologizes again for any inconvenience caused by the event.

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