DoE responds to concerns over ship’s proximity to dive site

Concerns were raised this morning (May 23) regarding an anchored ship’s proximity to the Devil’s Grotto divesite near Eden Rock. The Department of Environment (DoE) has now looked into the concerns and provided an update to the public.

The DoE said:

The Department of Environment is aware of reports circulating on social media relating to a cruise ship allegedly anchored outside of the designated anchorage area.

We have contacted the Port Authority, who is responsible for assigning anchorage points to ships in port, and they have confirmed the cruise ship is within the anchorage zone.

Conservation Officers from the DoE were also deployed and have confirmed the ship is anchored in the sand and that it is not within the Marine Protected Area.

Notwithstanding DoE’s finding, some members of the public are still concerned about zoning in the George Town Harbour.  This is mainly because regulations were issued some time ago expanding the port anchorage zone where ships may drop their anchor in the George Town Harbour. It is unclear if or when the expansion of the port anchorage zone will be reversed to allay further concerns.

Expansion of Port Anchorage Zone (source: Facebook)

Expansion of Port Anchorage Zone (source: Facebook)

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