Tourism Ministry confirms cruise ship anchored correctly

The Ministry of Tourism and Ports wishes to reassure the public that no cruise ships were anchored outside their designated areas while visiting Grand Cayman today, Tuesday, 23 May 2023.

Responding to enquiries about whether a cruise ship had incorrectly anchored outside its designated anchorage, Minister for Tourism and Ports, Hon. Kenneth Bryan, stated that was not the case.

“I have been informed by the Port Authority that the bow of the ship in question was in 60 plus feet of water while the rest of the ship was in 1000 feet. Due to the size of the ship, she appeared to be closer to shore than the smaller ships that use that anchorage, but she was, in fact, within the designated anchorage zone at all times, and consequently, there was no cause for concern.”

Minister Bryan added, “The public should also be aware that the Port Authority, ship Captain and ship Pilot continually monitor the ships while in port to ensure safety.”

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